Fit India Movement-2020

01.12.2020 :


In the series of Fit India Movement Virtual Assembley – Free hand exercises was held in the classes I to XII in which the students learn many exercises and got the information about the importance of regular exercising in the guidance of PET Department staff.  Suryanamaskar was done by the students, teachers and parents daily.

Fun and Fitness – in which events like Aerobics, Rope Skipping, Dance forms, Hop Scotch, ZigZag and shuttle Running were conducted for the classes I & II. Dance is also a physical exercise in which the body and mind both perform through actions and expressions. Dance programme was conducted by mentor. 






Virtual assembly common yoga protocols “Yoga was performed by the students of std I to XII under the supervision of yoga staff. She demonstrated the yogas through (virtual) video. She told students how to breathe properly and hold breathe, exhale and inhale and she added that yoga keeps them fit not only physically but also mentally.

Debates, Symposium, Lectures on a “Re-strengthening of the mind post pandemic” – Mental Fitness Activities for students, staff and parents.

They learned the Covid -19 pandemic remainders us how inter dependent we are what happens to are person can soon affect many so try to cultivate peace of mind and to what we can do for others.  

Open letter to youth of the nation on “Power of Fitness” to the students of std IX.  They learnt that power of Fitness gives peace of mind open mic on topics such as “Exercise is a celebration of what your body cando, not a punishment for what you ate” etc. was conducted for the classes VI to VIII students learnt the importance of exercises
which keep their body fit and strong. 




Brain games to improve concentration / problem solving capacity. Eg Chess, Rubik’s cube etc. conducted for the classes VI to VIII students learnt that proper fitness is needed to achieve proper fitness is needed to achieve proper goals.

Poster making competition held on theme “Hum Fit Toh India Fit” or “New India Fit India”. The students of IX & X gave the message through their poster that to keep our India Fit, should keep our surroundings clean, to fit our environment. When our environment will be fit, we will get fresh air and water to keep our body fit and mind which is headed for “New India Fit India”.

Preparing advertisements on “Hum Fit Toh India Fit”, “Emotional and physical well. Being are interconnected etc., conducted for the class XI. They expressed their views that how Fitness is interconnected with physically and emotionally.




Debates, Symposium, Lectures etc., about diet & nutrition during pandemic for students (Staff and Parents.  They learnt that . A healthy mind in a healthy body and they shared the information about nutritional food to all.

Essay /Poem writing completion on theme “Fitness beats pandemic”.  Conducted for the classes XI & XII.  They expressed their views in their Essay and poem writing (i.e.) while the Covid 19 pandemic has distrubted our normal routines.  We should not allow it to disrupt our personal fitness as responders.  Be active, get creative, stay motivated make fitness a priority, and stay safe every time out of the door!

Podcast / Movie making on suggested themes – “Get fit, don’t quit” – “Mental health is not to destination but a journey” etc., - students of std XI prepared a movie based on the importance of – Mental health which includes our emotional, psychological and exist well-being. It affects how we think feel and act.  Mental health is important it every stage of life, for childhood and adolercence through adulthood. 






Online Quiz related to fitness / sports was conducted for the students of std VI to X. In which students participated enthusiastically. Question related to various sports were asked and the students attended well.

Virtual challenges for students, staff / teachers (eg) squats challenge, step up challenge spot jogging, Rope skipping and Ball dribbling etc (sports) PET staff demonstrated the above activities through video to the students, parents and staff in which the learners gain confidence during this pandemic period.

Sessions(s) by motivational speakers for students, parents and school staff conducted by the eminent personalities Sri. L. Ramamoorthy Joint 

secretary Vivekananda Educational Society, Secretary ,VidyaBharathi, North Tamil nadu, Sri Jagadelaprathabanshareerik Co-ordinator, VES, KreedaBharathi Tamil nadu through You-tube channel. Principal Smt. K. Sujatha welcomed the gathering. In their speech stressed that physical activity or exercise can improve the health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases.  Physical activity and exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefits.  Most importantly regular activity can improve the quality of life physical fitness. Fit India pledge was taken by the students, staff and parents. Students displayed SuryaNamaskar and its importance were explained.





One day dedicated to family fitness: Activities for fitness sessions at home involving students and parents fit India Active Day capsules could be used for demonstration purposes.

Participating in physical activity as a family also strengthens family bonds and improves the overall mood of both the parents and the children.

Creatively using home-based equipment for sports fintenss (eg) Hacky sack at home (Juggling with feet & hand-warm activity)

Aluminium foil inside a sock-ball and any-wooden piece-bat to play cricket

Mosquito bat and T.T.ball to play badminton / tennis.

Fitness circuit – Draw a ladder on the floor with a chalk piece or crayon.

Students of std LKG to II parent families were participated in the above activities. Doing the activities they learnt the benefits of exercising as a family which promotes physical and mental health.

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